Things I Love Thursday


It’s my weekly love-list. Inspired by Gala Darling. Recognizing things you love is guaranteed to make you feel good.

♥ March
♥ My bridesmaids dress for Shaylin’s wedding.
♥ Convincing Kristen to try Zumba with me


♥ Autumn butternut and goat cheese pizza
♥ Adding movies to my Netflix queue
♥ New hair cut! (And my awesome hairdresser, Ashley who’s also my brother’s friend…)

♥ A four pound weight loss (even though it was mostly countering the gain from last week)
Lemony Flutter by Lush. It’s great on my feet. And lips. And cuticles.
♥ Texts in the AM hoping I’m having a great day
♥ Reading. (But this is always a given anyway…)
♥ The fact that it isn’t DARK outside when I leave work at 5:15


♥ Recommending books to people, it makes me so happy, especially since 90% of the books I read are Young Adult and that clearly isn’t everyones favourite.

What do you love today?
Melanie Kristy


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