Things I Love Thursday

*long weekends

* Mulholland Drive

*giving out mix cds

* “are you watching porn?” “I don’t think they play that on the Disney Channel…”

*my new netbook, it’s cute and pink and I can bring it to Borders and type like I am now and the battery life is UP TO EIGHT HOURS

*reading reviews on Lush’s website and plotting out what to buy next.

* looking at craft stores with my mom

* Black Cherry Chip Frozen Yogurt from Peaceful Meadows

* countdowns until spring (33 more days!)

*listening to The Format and Ingram Hill

* Brie with bread. Or fruit . or pie crust. Or by itself, really…


9 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. This officially answers my question from about a week ago as to whether or not you ended up getting your netbook. I’m guessing you just never saw that text. Annnnyway, EIGHT HOURS of battery?! That’s better than most phones anymore.

    • Hmm, I guess I never did get that text! (You could have asked me again…?) But yeah, EIGHT HOURS is great. It isn’t touch screen, that’s why it’s better than most phones anymore. It is also running on Windows Start, so it doesn’t have all of the freedom that a regular computer has. (But I don’t need that because 1. the less distractions the better 2.i just want to write). The guy at Best Buy tried to talk me out of buying it… and I told that to a girl at Borders’ because she asked about it when she saw it in my purse. She said a guy tried to talk her out of buying it, too. WTF. Oh well…

  2. Oh super, I had no idea that you decided to get a netbook. Be sure to give us a review after you have it for a couple of weeks. I love you, Lozenger, and I hope to hear from you soon. I know you wanted me to make you some headers but if you sent me some images I never did get them…?

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