Give A Little

So I’m not one to watch music videos, ever. If I do, it’s usually playing on Youtube and I’m just there for the music. However, I love this song. It’s my favourite off this album and it just came out. So I’m sharing. Give A Little.


2 thoughts on “Give A Little

  1. I’m not sure whether or not you got my e-mails the other day, but I wanted to comment here as well to let you know that I have chosen a pseudonym and this is it. I’m going to try to delete my real name from my public things online so I would appreciate your help with that. (Facebook doesn’t count, I’m getting rid of that soon anyway, I think.)

    Here are three comments actually pertaining to this entry:
    – Isaac Hanson is sexy as hell.
    – This video is super colorful and fun.
    – This is the first Hanson single I’ve really liked since This Time Around.

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