Ohhhh Fridays <3


I write and I write and I never get the chance to type because I am work or I am in Borders forcing myself to write then I get home and I don’t want to type out what I’ve said. Sure maybe it’s a little bit of laziness, also I don’t have the time right now. And so my words go unsaid.

So while we’re here, let me tell you a few reasons why Fridays are awesome:

1. It’s the beginning of the weekend. At least, it is when you work the usual 9’5, which I do not. However, every other weekend after the end of February Fridays WILL be the beginning of the weekend for me. Awesome.

2. TGIF. Remember TGIF? Right now I feel like popping in Boy Meets World and pretending I’m back during the days when shows like Full House and Family Matters were the most exciting times of the week.

3. Payday. This one is self explanatory.

4. Movies are (usually) released in theaters on Fridays. Sometimes they’re released on Wednesdays, but that’s usually during the summer.

5. It can feel like date night.

6. Or it’s a perfectly peaceful night to stay at home.

7. I like TGIFriday’s Jack Daniel’s Sesame Strips. (Though overall I’mn tired at eating at most chain restaurants).

8. Sometimes I get out early on Fridays. This means I have extra time for naps.

9. Every other Friday my bedroom floor is vacuumed and my bed is made by a little cleaning fairy who visits biweekly.


The Cure writes songs like, “Friday I’m In Love


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