How To Survive Valentine’s Day Alone


This is my 26th year I’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day. By alone, I mean single. Each year it comes and it goes and I buy cute heart shaped things and give Valentines to my friends. Sometimes I work. Sometimes I have platonic dinner dates. My mom gives me cute festive decorations and some years my dad gives me a card.

Valentine’s Day is one of these days that has  basically turned into a “need not apply” day.

I am single. I am independent and I will celebrate me on this day because no one else will ever celebrate me the way I can. I think Valentine’s Day is a day that shouldn’t be ignored. Too many people disregard it. They get angry because they feel that Valentine’s Day is over-commercialized. It’s a Hallmark Holiday. I say, So what? Valentine’s Day is what you make of it.

And sure, no one should need a reason to share love with anyone. No one should only do something special for someone on one certain society promoted day. But this day is here to remind you to love someone. Sometimes we forget.

Here are some suggestions of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for you:

– Sleep in if you can – give yourself that time to get the extra sleep you deserve.
– Make Valentines for others – giving gifts is guaranteed to make yourself feel happier
– Take a bubble bath –  buy a bath bomb from Lush and soak until your skin turns into a raisin.
– Buy yourself flowers/ chocolates. I have them delivered to you while you’re at work.
– Take yourself on a date – dinner and a movie? Your treat? Why not, you deserve it.
– Exercise – run, do yoga, dance, walk with people you love. If you love your body, you’ll move it.
– Hit the sheets early and show yourself some love. (Details on that are for a whole other kind of blog, baby).

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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