Things I Love… Thursday

I’m completely aware that it’s Saturday, and not Thursday, but I had this post lined up for Thursday and I never had the chance to type it. I want to get back into writing Things I Love Thursday posts because it’s a way to focus on the good things in life, even if it’s for only one day a week. When I bought my daily planner earlier this year I started making things I love lists in every single day, filling up the pages that weren’t already scribbled on with my love list. Some circumstances made it so that I could not do that (while I was at work) anymore, and I lost the habit but I hope to get back into it today.

For anyone who is new to the concept of “Things I Love Thursday”, it was started by Gala Darling years ago as a way to express your love list. Gala still makes them, and other bloggers do the same.

♥ eating fruit for breakfast — I struggle with breakfast daily. Sometimes whatever I eat makes me feel like crap, but even on those days, if I eat fruit I’m still feeling alright 🙂
♥ Blueberry scented nail polish — This is a great pick me up to remind you to slow down. It makes me smile. I might have to invest in more scented nail polish (the scent lasts about a day or two).
♥ portabello mushroom sandwiches are amazing.
♥ Red Velvet Cupcake Wine

♥ Pushing Daisies marathons with Krista
♥ Zumba
♥ Finding ways to inspire myself

What do you love today?



2 thoughts on “Things I Love… Thursday

  1. I always loved your TILT<3 I'm glad to see its comeback. I saw scented nail polish in the store the other day and I was very curious about it. I may have to check that out! And that wine sounds amazing!

    How long have you been doing zumba? Every Monday and Wednesday for the past three weeks I have been telling myself that I'm going to go, only to talk myself out of it due to the snow, the below zero temperatures, being sick, or being too tired. I think the real reason I haven't gone is that I'm afraid to go alone and walk into a room full of skinny minnies who already have the routine down pat, etc. (Even though I know that's a highly unrealistic scenario, I'm sure it's a healthy mix of ages and sizes!) Too bad we can't go together!

    And since you asked, today I love:
    Your blog
    Big rings
    "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne
    My clean kitchen
    "The Hunger Games" (I just finished it this morning"

    Have a great weekend and sorry for posted a comment-novel!

    • Definitely check out the scented nail polish, let me know what you get/ think! Scent things can be weird… especially if they’re fruit scents and they don’t really smell like fruit.

      I’ve only been doing zumba for two weeks… actually three classes. I’ve taken a couple sporadically in the past but now I’m trying to go every sunday morning and tuesday evening. It’s so easy to talk yourself out of going, Ive been doing that for the past year. So I’m working on trying to NOT do that. Go figure my gym membership is up at the end of this month, once I’ve finally gotten into the swing (or started at least) of going. Zumba IS a huge mix of people, which is what makes it so great! Don’t be afraid to go alone. If you want, you can come to MA and come with me 😉

      I LOVE The Hunger Games. Great books 🙂

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