Cake Pans I Need ASAP.


It’s (probably) no secret that I enjoy baking. What I enjoy the most, out of baking, is creating cupcakes and cookies and other such things that are cute, different and maybe a little on the adventurous side when it comes to flavour. Here are some cake pans that I absolutely need sometime in the near future. (Keep in mind I already own a cake pan that’s shaped like a huge cupcake).

Doesn’t this beehive look beautiful and delicious? It matches the bee hive honey jar I got for Christmas 🙂

This Hello Kitty cake pan was the inspiration for this post, actually. I would make her with pink cake and decorate her with amazing tasting icing/ frosting.

Um, a CAKEWICH, yes please. Usually I’m against sweet things looking like savory foods, but come on, this is a perfect excuse to make a huge, too sweet, peanut butter and… banana/ Nutella/ pumpkin butter/ honey sandwich.

I couldn’t leave these cute little flowers out. Especially because they’re little. And cute.

Sand castles fascinate me. Every summer I dream about sculpting the most beautiful creations on the beach. It never happens, though. I lack the patience and the skill to work with sand. But an edible sand castle is better, in my opinion, anyway.

Ever since I was sixteen, I’ve worked on and off at an ice cream shop. Next to cupcakes, ice cream in cones is definitely the cutest dessert (when it comes to designs on things, etc.). Ice cream will always be my favourite to eat, though!


3 thoughts on “Cake Pans I Need ASAP.

  1. I looked at the title of your post, scrolled through all the pictures and wondered, “Why the heck does Melanie not have the Big Top Cupcake cake pan listed?” And then I went back and actually read your blog.

    Also, side by side with the big top cake pan, did you know that there is one that makes a giant donut looking cake as well?

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