Spending Time With Myself


Yesterday I was off from work, which I’m sure you may have gathered from my previous post Things To Do On A Snow Day. It started off as only a delay, we were supposed to open at ten instead of eight but they decided we didn’t need to open at all.

This was a total blessing. Even though I’m always happy to have a day off, yesterday was even better because I spent the entire day with myself. My mom was at my grandparent’s house and my dad and my brother were plowing roads the whole day. I couldn’t really go anywhere, so I did what I wanted and have an awesome time. I made my own breakfast and dinner, ate cold leftover pizza for lunch and even made the time to work out for a half hour (zumba and hip hop dance if anyone is wondering!).

Chance and I played outside while I tried to brush off my car. I couldn’t get the roof, though. And the snow was hard! The surface was hard as if it had been sitting there for a couple days. My car was a mess again and I refused to go outside again since everything is still wet from earlier, but I got off some so that was good. Chance wanted me to take him for a walk. (He always wants this). I tried to distract him by playing tug-of-war with his rawhide bone and teasing him/ throwing it so he would fetch it (though he doesn’t really give it back). But he wasn’t fooled. Unfortunately I didn’t want to walk down the street, the roads were pretty bad and there wasn’t really anywhere for me to go if a car came.

So he made up for it by driving me crazy (as always when he doesn’t get a walk) at night. Every five minutes he wanted something else. Water in his bowl even though he wasn’t thirsty, food in his bowl that he wasn’t going to eat (he just needs it to be in there), let him out, let him in two minutes later, give him a cookie, etc. etc.

In between chance driving me crazy, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, mourned for Dumbledore, took a shower, came up with a few awesome blog ideas, went  back to writing, explored some other blogs, watched an episode of I Used To Be Fat (kids losing 90-100 lbs in 4 months is a little extreme…), tried to make hot chocolate (that was a total bust) and did a little bit of laundry. It was a great productive day, I didn’t feel lonely at all and I’m really grateful that sometimes blizzards happen.

Did you have a snow day yesterday? Did you do anything out of the ordinary? Or peaceful? Or just plain fun??



3 thoughts on “Spending Time With Myself

  1. I had a snow day on Tuesday and it was very nice. Question about Zumba- do you/have you taken lasses or is it something you learned to do from book and movies? I’ve been intrigued by Zumba recently but I can’t afford to take classes and to be honest- I don’t really want to. 😀

    Is “I Used To Be Fat” the show about the boy who loses weight between HS and college during the summer? If so, I was sort of watching that last night while I was at the gym. It was interesting to watch, but I agree that it was quite extreme.

    • I believe there are zumba books/ dvds out there if you want to learn more, but I suggest at least doing a DVD. Yesterday I did it along a video on exercise TV on my on demand, and I’ve taken a couple classes. If you have netflix, I know they have a few dvds. It’s definitely fun 🙂 Your gym doesn’t offer classes? That’s too bad, that’s pretty much the only thing I use the gym for. (Though I want to do a couch 2 5k sometime….) And I think that was “I Used To Be Fat” that you were watching though I haven’t seen that episode yet.

  2. Know what’s even more of a total blessing than spending time with yourself? Spending time with me. Miss youuu 😦

    And also Chance. I remember spending snowy afternoons being stared at by him when nobody else was home.

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