Things To Do On A Snow Day


The temperatures are miserable outside, the visabilty is lacking. You woke up early to shovel off/ brush/ de-ice your car and brew copious amounts of tea. Then you are bombarded with text messages from your co workers, or you think to call the emergency hotline at your work. Either way, there’s one big announcement, work is closed! It’s a snow day! You haven’t seen one of these since high school, and you wish all your friends were around to go sledding or have snowball fights with. Maybe you lose power or you’re snowed into your driveway.

What are you to do? Well, don’t worry! I’ve come up with a list of suggestions you might enjoy.

* Go back to bed. Those blankets sound so inviting. Turn on a movie and fall back asleep for as long as you wish.
* Enjoy the snow! Make a snowman, brush off your car, try to play fetch with your dog (who only wants to go for a walk — too bad the terrible driving makes for even worse walking conditions).
* Drink a lot of hot drinks. Hot tea, coffee or experiment with flavouring hot chocolates. I just tried to make hot chocolate using a recipe on the back of a box of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder. Unfortunately it did not turn out well.
* Do your taxes online. Taxslayer and Turbotax are cheap/free and rather easy. Okay so it may be a little early to do them now, I haven’t gotten any of my forms in the mail yet. At least you could plan what you’re going to do with your refund! (Or try to think of ways to get that extra money to pay what you owe).
* Catch up on all that housework you’ve been meaning to do. Laundry? Check. Dishes? Check. Hey, it’s not fun work, but it has to get done sometime. (And at least you’ll have something to wear to work tomorrow).
* Look at pretty pictures of snow on We Heart It
* Catch up on your Google Reader or any other RSS Feeder you use. Comment on blog posts instead of passing them by.
* Write letters to people you haven’t seen in a while. Better yet, make your own stationery and envelopes, too!
* Light a candle, curl up on your bed and watch a movie. No need to really stress out about what needs to be done — you wouldn’t be home to do it anyway if it wasn’t for the snow!



8 thoughts on “Things To Do On A Snow Day

  1. I love this list! I would like to add to it:
    *Make homemade soup in a big pot and let it simmer all day (while it cooks it makes the house all warm and yummy smelling).
    *Read a whole book.
    *Reorganize inbox.

  2. Allie, actual snow days from work are so rare, I’ve never had one before. Ever. I’ve left work early… I can remember leaving three times, ever. So this is kind of awesome.

    Shaylin, thanks for adding to my list! I definitely deleted tons of junk emails today and finished reading Half-Blood Prince! Oh noes, Snape is the HBP NOW WHAT?

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  4. Yay! Great suggestions! My first snowy day back in NY has been rather busy, but these are all great ideas in case the weather gets (OMG is it possible) worse!

    Love the post. I may print this out and hang it on my wall as a reminder throughout the winter.

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