I am keeping myself company this evening, something I’m learning to do more and more often. And I can’t say that this is always welcomed. To spend  New Years Eve alone is automatically tainted with a bit of sadness. Though to be honest I cannot remember the last New Years Eve I’ve spent really, actually doing something.

But I did not come here to complain. No, I came here to bid 2010 farewell. I’ve not even had the time to think straight about it. No recaps from this girl. Not this time. At least, not anything well thought out. There were some awesome parts of 2010, ones I would not let go of. But overall I haven’t been satisfied, and I am happy to see 2010 go. Even numbers are unsettling to me. Maybe that’s the case.

I’m ending this year by entering to win trips to Italy.

I’m hoping to start 2011 by watching the sun rise tomorrow morning. I cannot promise myself that I’ll wake up for that. But we shall see.

For now I’m watching ABC, two televisions playing the same channel in my house makes it almost like surround sound.

I ate mushroom pizza tonight that I made myself. I watched Going The Distance with my parents (well, my dad kept falling asleep). I liked it a lot.

And now my parents are asleep. I’m sitting by my computer, looking around at my room and thinking about everything to come.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone.


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