NaNoWriMo Update

Oh, NaNoWriMo, you’ve failed me. Or rather, I have failed. I guess failing isn’t the right term. It’s not an encouraging term for a writer. I’m not going to receive a big fat F agree the Google Document entitled “Nano”.


I was doing so well. I could write 3000 words in one day. I did, in fact. A few days. Without even trying. And I would marvel at how awesome I was and how I loved this story because I had been thinking about it for so long. I had started writing it months and months ago (I confess), but the story I started this month was all new material.


Somewhere after week two I got lost. There was no action in my story. Only dialogue. Oh, how I love dialogue. But I was getting nowhere. I wrote makeout scenes instead (maybe I should have turned to erotica). I skipped around when I was lost. I worked so damn hard. All during the beginning of last week I was caught between writing pep-talk blog posts and typing in another dialogue scene when really I just wanted my characters to keep on making out. And fighting, of course.


Then on Wednesday I was sick enough to call in to work, I spent the entire day in bed and had forgotten about the work I had thought about doing earlier in the week. Thursday was work and Kate Nash and I spent all of Friday watching Harry Potter and eating delicious food. By the time Saturday rolled around and I had finished working nine hours that day, I knew there was no way I would finish 50,000 words this month. I was only at around 17,000. I don’t have the time to catch up.


And so, I’ve failed.


But all is well. I don’t plan on abandoning this story at all and I’ll keep chugging along. To be honest, when I write I tend to write in huge chunks anyway. Two to three thousand words in a day isn’t all that unrealistic for me. What the challenge of NaNoWriMo is, for me, is keeping up with that word goal every day.


Unfortunately I have a habit of planning things and starting them but never finishing. I’m working on resolving that. One way is definitely by continuing to work on this story. I like the idea of it enough not to let it go.



6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. Bummer that NaNoWriMo itself hasn’t worked out, but I’m glad to hear that the spirit of the thing is staying strong. Good for you for giving it your best shot, and for retaining the motivation to continue. Happy writing!

  2. Mine is all dialogue! Hehe.

    I’m worried about mine. I only have 10,000 words left. But there was an unexpected death in Connecticut and I’m leaving for there today and i’ll be gone until Sunday. You know how funerals are–no time to write. Plus Thanksgiving. And traveling.

    I’m trying to think of a strategy. Don’t give up on your story though! You are such an amazing writer.

  3. Melanie, don’t you worry about failure, that’s a must for one to become a great artist, i think. But as one of my favourite writers said if you’re going to try go all the way(Bukowksi), stay true to the story, to yourself, and things will work out, it might take alot of time but it will, even if you don’t manage it in one month, the whole words, don’t you worry, it’s better if you take more time to write, than to write something it doens’t mean anything to you, that isn’t true to you. So don’t give up, you have alot to say, i know that. 🙂

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