Goals for Twenty-Six


I feel like I spend every year vowing to straighten myself out. And I guess I’m going to spend this year doing the same. I want twenty-six to be filled with doing things that are going to get me somewhere.

♥ Go somewhere during vacation time. Whether it’s New Mexico, California, Italy or South Korea, GO SOMEWHERE. (And maybe just stay there. I can come back some other time…)

♥ Make a huge dent in the money situation. I don’t feel like I need to further explain that on here.

♥ Lose weight. Set amount is not important to this blog at this moment of time.

♥ Complete a novel. (My NaNo story?) And at least three short stories. Submit them places.

♥ Develop a weekly yoga habit and stick to it. I really did feel better while I was practicing.

♥ Take steps toward finding a career, whether it be getting a certificate to teach English as a Second Language, applying for grad school or something else.



3 thoughts on “Goals for Twenty-Six

  1. I vote that you come visit New Mexico and that you stay. We’ll go to Graduate school together at the University of Santa Fe and paint our faces like skulls for Dia de Los Muertos (which would be the perfect time for you to visit). We’ll eat candy skeletons and dead bread and create altars for our ancestors who have passed before us.

    Lots of love!

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