Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday!!!

Here’s a list of things I would like for my birthday
(and might end up treating myself to in some form):

* the domain name melaniekristy.com
* a t-shirt at the Kate Nash show I’m going to Thursday
* new flats! mine are falling apart 😦
* a digital SLR
* a new computer! I can’t decide between a netbook and a desktop with a huge monitor
* lots of cupcakes!
* veggie samosas
* tons of books!
* a week vacation
* a trip to Europe



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. The next time I buy a computer it will have to be either an extremely expensive & tricked out laptop (which I will probably never be able to afford) or a desktop. Laptops generally don’t do what I want them to do (The Sims, etc.).

    • Laptops just don’t last for me, too much wear, I guess. They’re not build to last. But the netbooks are so cute and portable (perfect for this writer who does her best writing anywhere that isn’t her bedroom).

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