For the Love of Being 25


I’ll be twenty-six this Friday. In honour of that, I’m taking time to reflect on myself and my year.
Twenty-five has gone by surprisingly smoothly considering I anticipated some sort of a breakdown toward the beginning (and now I wonder if that break down is coming up for twenty-six instead). I started the year by announcing my immortality in a drunken stupor from drinking countless glasses of White Zinfindel. Mind you, I hardly ever drink and this was one of five real times I’ve been drunk, ever. It was amusing nonetheless. I realized that when drunk on wine I love everybody and I’m too happy to really care about anything that’s going on in my house. Or head. Or life.
I think it’s important to recognise the things that you do in your life. It’s important to realize that while your day to day life is boring, ot’s made up of so many moments that matter. And while we’re bored or depressed or down we forget about those moments because they aren’t happening now.
Here are some things that have happened in the past year:
I started this blog. I love it, seriously.
I’ve dated four different guys, in person. This is a big deal, guys, because I don’t date. They’re pretty much the only four guys I’ve ever dated. I’ve also kissed some. Big accomplishment. Twenty-five years without kissing, I’ve been missing out.
I’ve gone apartment hunting — the beginning of this year was a whirlwind of helping the BFF job hunt while calling apartments and going and looking at them. Nothing came of this, especially after I realized I’m too broke to afford an apartment, but it was fun either way.
Concerts! Hanson, Adam Lambert, Josh Turner, and I’m going to see Kate Nash. This list isn’t nearly as epic as lists past, but hey, I do what I can.
Started countless fiction projects. Two novels, one short story. (At least, that’s all I can remember.) I guess that isn’t countless, but it’s a lot more than some other years. And now I am participating in NaNoWrimo again.
Actually celebrated Halloween. Last year was spent at a dinner for my uncle’s birthday, I can’t even remember the year before that. This year there were parties.
Changed locations at my job. Less exciting than it my sound, but it was a big change nonetheless.

What have you done this year?



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