Voldemort & Death Eaters Take Over Grand Central Station

I think flash mobs are pretty cool. I just came across this one on Facebook and had to share because I also love when fiction is brought to life


3 thoughts on “Voldemort & Death Eaters Take Over Grand Central Station

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    My password for my locked entries is still the same, but when Daniel did a Codexed refresh the other day there was some coding messed up that made my entries impossible to unlock. If you still need it, I’d be happy to hook you up with it.

    My domain host has been pissing me off greatly the past few days, so I will be using this e-mail address instead of erica@seaof when commenting on your blog. You don’t need to e-mail me there or anything, though. I know I’m a pain in the ass as far as my URL & Email addresses go.


    • I can never keep up with you and your email addresses/ domains! hahah but as long as you’re accessible somewhere, I think I can handle it. I think I still have the old one, that you sent me in the end of Sept. Do you still use twitter? Are we friends there? I can’t remember.

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