50,000 Words in How Many Days!?

Sometimes I make insane decisions. One summer I decided I wasn’t going to eat pizza for three whole months. It was torturous at times because I love pizza so much, but I stuck it out and in the end I… went back to eating a lot of pizza way too often. Surprise, surprise. So yesterday after noting in my earlier post that I was not going to participate in NaNoWrimo, after taking my lunch break and updating the ATM I decided that I am going to participate. It doesn’t matter that Sarii is here for  the rest of the week, that all except for tonight I have plans after work. It matters that I can make this happen, and without trying I’ll have gotten nowhere.
So in about two hours I wrote 1500 words. I didn’t know where I was going at first, but I decided to work on a novel I started over the summer. I am not cheating, however! Everything I write is new content. I’m just using the characters, plot and world that I created. All of the scenes are new or rewritten. All of the work will be done during this long Autumn month.
What is NaNoWrimo, you might ask? Why it stands for National Novel Writing Month! Which is November! It’s when you take the challange to write 50,000 words in one month. You may write your entire novel, or maybe you’ll just make a tiny dent. Either way, it brings writers all over the world together in one month of words. It is, as the website proclaims, “Thirty days and nights of literary abandon!” Sounds like my idea of fun. No, seriously.
I haven’t officially signed up for the site, I’ve been having trouble registerring and also just viewing the site at certain times, but for now that’s okay.
If you sign up for NaNoWrimo, you will get emails of encouragement from various participants and some published authors. One year I recall receiving an email from Neil Gaiman, how exciting! So expect updates from me regarding writing and reasons why you should (or maybe why you shouldn’t) participate.
If you aren’t a novelist, you can always participate in NaBloPoMo , or National Blog Posting Month, where you challenge yourself to post for thirty days straight. Every month is NaBloPoMo though, so keep that in mind 🙂
Are you participating in NaNoWrimo this year? Link me to your user profile! (As soon as I can make one, I’ll do the same!)
<3. Melanie.Kristy

5 thoughts on “50,000 Words in How Many Days!?

  1. I’m trying but I have no story, characters, or first sentence!

    And BTW..totally bragging here… I was in a photoshoot for a Neil Gaiman book. You can’t see my face, but I’m technically in the “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” book that he wrote the essays for.

    • Eh, start without a story, something will develop. That’s what I did, at least. That’s pretty awesome that you are in “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” I’ve been wanting to check that book out since before it was released. I used to follow them both on Twitter around the time of the release.

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