Rabbit Rabbit!


I remember way back in the day Nickeloden used to designate certain days of the week and claim they were to do certain things like bounce on a pogo stick or scare your sister. The one actual day I remember is that every first day of the month was Rabbit Rabbit day. Those were supposed to be the first words you spoke upon waking.

According to Wikipedia, Rabbit Rabbit is a common British superstition that is spoken in order to set the path for good luck for the rest of the month.

November is a huge month for me. I turn 26 (!!) in eleven days officially, there’s Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season. I used to participate in NaNoWrimo this month, but for the past few years I’ve either had my best friend visiting, or I’ve been down in South Carolina, so it’s hard enough to write 50,000 words in a month nevermind with one less week!

So here’s to November! You’ll be hearing a lot about the festivities (or just my birthday… or my multiple quarter-life crises.



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