The Day I Made Veggie Samosas

It was a long time coming. I read the recipes over and over, I talked about it for a while but in the long run I usually ended up either going out for Indian or settling for the frozen version (which is surprisingly hard to find anyway). But I finally made some of these a few times and they’re absolutely amazing.

I started off with this recipe, but I left out the cilantro. I used puff pastry instead of Phyllo dough (I tried it with the Phyllo but I could barely even wrap the things!).

First, boil potatoes

I also added garam masala and more cayenne pepper.


mix the spices in a cup

brown the onions then add in the spices and PEAS

Not sure why I got so excited about them 🙂


Cut or mash potatoes to your liking.

Add potatoes

One time I ate them just like this! But if you don’t want to do that, wrap them in defrosted puff pastry dough as you please and cook them in the over for about twenty minutes (on 400 degrees).




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