Breakfast Woes


I’m almost twenty-six years old and somehow I have yet to manage finding the perfect breakfast. Seriously. When I worked closing shifts in past jobs, or when I was unemployed, I didn’t wake up in time for breakfast. When I was in high school and before I recall eating cereal (and being starving approximately ten minutes later).

This morning I mixed milk with a chocolate Weight Watchers shake mix. It tastes delicious, but the milk is making me feel sick (a random onset of lactose intolerance, anyone?). I tend to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for bagels with cream cheese, but admittingly that leads to me eating an entire muffin or donut soon after. And being hungry within a couple hours. (Because I’m eating all shit, I know that). I’ve tried eating only fruit. I’ve tried cereal (it was somewhat a success with Grapenuts, but my mom stopped buying them because I was eating them…? and also I need something I don’t have to eat at my house because I don’t always have time).

When I first got to Italy, I had fresh squeezed orange juice and yogurt in the mornings. It didn’t take long before I was eating pastries, though. My favourite were the ones with chocolate in the middle. When I was in Rome I ate cannolis for breakfast one morning (cannolis are harder to find in Northern Italy where I mostly stayed). It was delicious and satisfying. And for some reason I don’t recall being hungry an hour after.

The biggest problem I have with breakfasts is being hungry an hour or so later. And it’s not just that I feel like little hungry, it’s that all of a sudden I need another meal.

The only time I don’t feel that way is if I eat an egg sandwich (it has to be a sandwich, eggs on their own don’t do anything else). But really I’m not a huge fan of eggs. And eating them on bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts is a little too much.

For a while I was eating greek yogurt with nuts and sometimes chocolate chips. I seem to remember that doing the job, but I can’t seem to remember why I stopped eating it.

So on to trying something new tomorrow, though I have no idea what as of right now. Maybe some more yogurt. I love Chobani.

What do you eat for breakfast?


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