Monday Morning Characters 3

 A black man (why does it matter? It doesn’t, and yet somehow I have yet to point out when characters are white) sits in the corner with his laptop. He calls his twelve year old daughter “baby girl” and let’s her do her thing while he writes love letters to a woman who lives far away. He rarely sees his daughter, but he’s happy she’s taken an interest in books and he would buy her anything in Borders that she asked for.
An eight year old girl in a full out princess costume pushes the stroller with her baby brother inside. It’s not yet Halloween but that doesn’t stop her from wearing her tiara out in public. She plans to wear this costume every day this week to school where she will doel out orders to anyone within hearing distance. This is how she will decide who is really her friend, or rather her subject, and who she will invite to her birthday party in a couple weeks. Her baby brother is automatically invited, but she has a feeling he doesn’t care about much more than spitting up, eating and sleeping.
A girl with a British accent orders a medium cocoa trio and sets up camp on a table made up of four mini tables. It’s just her and her school work spread out across the surface. Instead of reading through her papers, however, she takes out a legal pad and starts to write a short story. School work can wait until later, no one can predict when inspiration will strike.

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