The Fall

First I have to admit that I have a huge celebrity crush on Lee Pace. I realize that most of you don’t even know who this beautiful man is. I first discovered him on Pushing Daisies (which remains to this day as one of my favourite television shows) and proceeded to find him in other movies. And with that I discovered The Fall, a gem of a movie that I cannot stop recommending to others.
The Fall’s title in Spain is El Sueno de Alexandria, which means Alexandria’s Dream. Partially set in Los Angeles in a fantastical, “once upon a time” time period (or, really the 1920’s…) , and partially set in a fantasy land drawn from Roy’s imagination, The Fall covers elements of love, betrayal, epic journeys and giving up.
Roy was a stunt double in a “picture” in order to gain back the interest of the woman he was in love with. His epic stunt involved jumping from a train bridge onto a horse, but he never made it that far. Instead he fell and finds himself in a hospital without being able to feel his toes.
Alexandria is a Romanian immigrant child whose broken arm (from falling from an orange tree) lands her in the same hospital as Roy. It is her curiosity that brings her to Roy who begins to tell her an epic tale of five heroes in search of a common enemy they all want to destroy.
As the story progresses, the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred for Alexandria who confesses to Roy that she hopes she never gets better so she can always spend time with him.
I love this story. I love the emotion and the connection. I love the colours and the characters. Catinca Untaru —who plays Alexandria is adorable, Lee Pace is very easy on the eyes and together they make an unusual yet beautiful pair.

6 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. i heart pushing daisies.
    the pie shop roof, the singing waitress (Kristin Chenoweth is brilliant), the bright colors, the dry humored narrator with the slight accent, everything was lovely. sigh.
    even if only for ned, i might just have to watch this movie.

    thanks for the sweet comment ♥
    to this day, i still cry when mufasa dies. but that is such a fantastic movie.

    • If you do watch The Fall, even if it’s only for Ned (<3) let me know what you think! Pushing Daisies is absolutely my favourite television show. I love everything (okay, allllmost) about it. And I envy Charlotte Charles' wardrobe (at least, her dresses and skirts, not so much her pants…).

      I think I cry more now than I did when I was a kid when Mufasa dies. So tragic.

  2. I cannot wait to check this out. I’ve heard many great things about this film and the cinematography is exquisite. (And yes, Lee Pace is very easy on the eyes.)

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