Dreaming About You

I dreamt about you last night. I dreamt we met somewhere for something but hardly got the chance to talk before we were thrown into something else. What was going on? I can’t remember. I remember my other friends being there, but I can’t remember who. I remember sitting next to you at a table. I remember how we shared knowing glances, and how much I loved that because we had barely spoken a word and yet we still knew. I woke up missing a you who is never present, can’t physically be. (At least not in the near future). I remembered you saying, “I’m hot blooded, baby,” to me last night, and my request that you come over and warm me up. I get flashes of images of the two of us together, they’re so vivid that I would confuse them with reality if we ever really had been together.
All of these words remind me of another time, another person, another me. But the difference between that time and now is that you exist more to me than he ever did. You exist in another time zone, another language and five years behind. But you are still there & your words are still real.

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