Saturday Seven

One thing I love for each day of this week.
* A date for Indian lunch today. So good. I’m obsessed with Indian food and I have cravings all of the time. I had Paneer Tikka, veggie samosas and rosemary naan.
* Making plans for this blog. It basically involves me posting more. Shocking. It also involves an attempt to be consistent. More pictures, books, love in general.
* Finding Drive Time Italian on my external hard drive. I can’t wait to put that to use.
* What’s Eating You? On E!. I’m fascinated by eating disorders and every component that is involved with them. I also like knowing that these people are getting help. Or trying to.
* Having a Saturday night off without asking for it. My plan is to watch movies and do yoga. (Unless, of course, my brother is home. Then I’ll probably nix the yoga.)
* Hanging out with this little dude. Even if it involves chasing him all over Walmart and spinning him in circles.
* 20 Something Bloggers. Community is key. I need to get involved.
Also, bonus: I’m in the process of creating a writer’s group. Our first meeting was on Tuesday. (I’ll admit I wasn’t the one who started it all, but I’m going to do my best to get more writer’s involved). So hopefully I’ll be writing even more.

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