Monday Morning Characters 2

Two boys sharing an iPhone, one with a Bruin’s hat on the other has shaggy emo hair that flips up at the bangs. I imagine they are flipping through pictures of naked girls, laughing quietly to themselves because it is the secret they share. Porn feels so scandelous when you’re fifteen and looking at it in a hidden corner of a care in a bookstore.
A boy eating a blueberry muffin with his dad who is drinking hot coffee. They don’t see each other often on account of the divorce. The boy often feels like he’s supposed to be on his mom’s side when he secretely wishes he was on his dad’s. The dad isn’t quite sure how to relate to his son anymore so they go to the mall and look at model cars. The blonde haired blue eyed son doesn’t mind, because any time he can spend with his dad is good enough for him.
There is a girl with long yellow-blonde hair carrying a Coast purse and a Bath and Body Works bag. Her hot drink cup is large, her drunk probably a caramel apple cider. She joins her friends who are skinnier, prettier and crueller thn she is, but she likes it this way. She longs to be cruel. Her wants a mean girl shell to cover how she feels inside. She wishes life were a musical, that her voice was good enough so she could join Glee Club and sing about it.
A woman bought the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She sits at a long table that could sit 4-6 people but she’s alone. She reading a cooking magazine, trying to think of what to cook her husband this evening when he gets home from work. Her days are filled with thinking about dinner. She’ll go home to binge on a bag of Baked Lays in order to stuff down her lonliness until her husband finally gets home around nine o’clock this evening. Dinner will be cold, but he’ll make it up to her in bed. He always does.

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