Bagged 10/14/2010

I admit, it’s been a while since I’ve even thought about bringing  a lunch to work. Some days I’ll stop and buy freezer meals (I love a few vegetarian Healthy Choice pastas and I also love Lean Cuisine or Smart One’s pizzas), other days I’ll pick something up at the grocery store and then there are the days that I eat out. Or I bring in left overs. Those are the days that I enjoy my lunch. Even typing that, I realize my thought process is completely out of whack. I’m working on that right now.

Yesterday I bought clam chowder and ate that in my car with part of a baguette. I spent the entire rest of the day feeling so sluggish and full that I ended up skipping my plans to write and going home to veg out and watch Parenthood and whatever else my mom wanted to watch.

Anyway, I brought a lunch today. And snacks. Healthy ones. I’m here for almost twelve hours, so I loaded up on fruits and vegetables. I don’t think I brought enough with me calorie-wise. I probably should have counted Weight Watchers points or something like that. Regardless, I feel like I’m starving right now. I’ve had a banana and “smoothie” that was more like chocolate milk made out of milk and a chocolate Weight Watchers smoothie packet. I absolutely love those things.

I’m about to eat some apples. I wish we had peanut butter because that would have been a great addition.

I also brought:
*cherry tomatoes from our garden
*half of a green pepper
*a cheese & mustard sandwich on rye bread
*some sort of “low calorie” Goldfish package — my mom’s buying
*a Vita Brownie. I had one of these last night with pumpkin butter and it was amazing. Too bad I didn’t think to bring pumpkin butter with me today…

What’d you bring / plan to eat for lunch today?



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