Monday Morning Characters

For the longest time I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a Moleskine to specifically write about people. I love sitting in Borders to write and observing the people around me. They are all doing their own thing, living their own lives and yet for a few moments we are connected. I’ve decided to start posting here about the characters I come across. The idea is I take what I see and make it into my own.

There is a woman who walked over to her table with her arms full of bargain cookbooks. She ordered a decaf coffee. Her hair is short and black with bangs. She wears a long black skirt with pink socks and clogs. I imagine she is only looking at those books for suggestions. She spends her spare time creating her own recipes that she never writes down or repeats.

There is a guy who has been here longer than I have (and I’ve been here for an hour and a half). He has long brown hair and a scruffy trimmed beard. He was Googling something — I imagine it has something to do with time travel — and typing quietly. At one point he finished his black iced coffee, looked around then left Borders for a mall exit with only his cell phone. I imagine he was going to make a very important phone call and smoke Djarum Blacks while discussing the materials to make a time machine. When he returned (five to ten minutes later) I had been acting as an unofficial guardian of his abandoned laptop (no one else seemed to notice it anyway). He ordered another huge cup of coffee and went back to important business.

A guy with long white hair and glasses answered his phone. “Hello? I’m in Borders drinking coffee and whatever… do you want to just start walking out of the mall and I’ll meet you?” No goodbye. I imagine right now he loves coffee more than his intellectual, restless boyfriend.

One of the baristas said to her coworker, “I’m actually jealous that you’re going to college. It’s so expensive.” She’s going to remain making coffee for a while, hopeful to move up and be creative in a way that will let her escape from here. Her wining personality trait is her optimism.


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