Professional E-Mail Addresses

Ever since I was twelve I’ve lived in the land of user names. My first AOL screen name was Melli13xz. I’ve had mostly song related user names for thirteen years. Others have been faerie/book/whimsy related. My second longest email name I used was DangerousAngel after Francesca Lia Block’s compilation of novellas with that very title. I’ve strived to use names that encompass some sort of creativity on my part and yet still represent part of who I am or how I feel.
So why is it now, after thirteen years, while I’m revamping my resume to include my e-mail address that I’m thinking, “Oh, shit. I feel like I’m five” ?
It was only a few months ago I decided that my newest blogging adventures would be in my name. No pseudonyms, no clever anything. I’d use my words to convey all of that. After all, this blog isn’t about something specific, except perhaps me. Before this is was Penny Days, taking a name of one of my own characters in attempt to create an appeal about a life I am not part of yet. Penny was supposed to generate whimsy. Though Penny isn’t me, I wouldn’t sign my posts that way. Penny isn’t even my own alter ego. She is someone else entirely. When I realized I had lost focus on that blog, my posts were more about me and less about any sort of Penny day (the days that are filled with magic and wonder and love), I knew that I needed to start fresh and with someone new. So I used my name.
And just the other day while staring at my sad excuse for a resume (it looks much much better now, however. I just need Word so I can actually format it…) I decided it was time, again, to make another user name. This time through gmail. This time for my professional use. Sure, I guess it looks better that way. I look more mature, more professional. I might take my job seriously. I see this along the lines of tattoes and a pink streak in your hair. Sure, it’s different. It’s not always a polished look. But that doesn’t mean I might do my job any better or worse than anyone else. If I choose to dye my hair an unnatural colour, how does that reflect my work ethic? It doesn’t.
Are your user names “resume friendly”? Do you have more than one for the purpose of looking professional vs. personal? I have a friend whose email address handle is hernamedoesntlikeyourface. This girl applied to the Peace Corps with that e-mail address. Because it shouldn’t matter to anyone else what you chose for an e-mail address. But, unfortunately, it does.

<3. Melanie.Kristy


8 thoughts on “Professional E-Mail Addresses

  1. I have a professional email address, which is just my name I use it for all correspondences having to do with publishing my work, job hunting, etc.

    I think that we have reached the age where we are discovering the power of personal branding. I love who I am. And I am ready to promote the shit out of myself.

  2. Just in the past couple of years have I adapted a ‘big people e-mail address’…necessary, but yes, a bit of a fun-suck. lol.

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