Saturday Seven October 02, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone! I really had the best intentions of writing  every day this week. In a way I did write, a little bit anyway, because I’ve been trying to free write in the mornings. So here’s seven great things about this past week:

* Book purging – this is actually really painful. I have piles of books on my floor that I’m telling myself I’m going to “get rid of” (Anyone want to look at the list? $5 for paperbacks and $7 for most hardcovers, including shipping…). I’ve been a little too lazy to actually list them on Amazon, and it hurts seeing all of my bookshelves a little more bare. But it’s for the best, I know.

* New books! Francesca Lia Block’s new book The Frenzy hasn’t reached my doorstep yet (though it was supposed to be delivered yesterday) but I can’t wait to read it.

* Girl With The Glass Feet –  Ali Shaw. I finished it. I cried. Oh books that make me cry… why do we even read this books, when we know they’re going to be sad? Next up, Geek Love.

* October! Yesterday was Shaylin’s birthday. October 1st marks a more real beginning of fall. It’s the 6th week mark to my birthday.

* Ordering Radish earrings from Etsy. Anyone guess who I’m going to be for Halloween?

* Dinner with my dad. It doesn’t happen often, and hey we ended up hanging out at the bar after with my brother and some other people they knew, but I had a good time.

* My friend Lorelle is starting a literary journal! I don’t want to give out all the details here, so I’ll do that in a post of its own. But let’s just say I’m really excited for her.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Seven October 02, 2010

  1. I’m super excited that you’re going to be Luna for Hallowe’en. Be sure to take and share pictures! (While you are at it, I would love to see the listing/picture for the Radish earrings- I bet they are adorable!)

  2. I didn’t cry at the end of “The Girl with Glass Feet”, which was one of my September reads, but I was seriously bummed and disappointed. 😦
    Are you through with Geek Love yet? I LOVED it. You’ll have to post what you think!

    And my preordered copy of “The Frenzy” hasn’t come yet either…but I’m sure it will be considerably slower in its’ arrival than yours, considering the distance. 😦 NO SPOILERS, MEL!

    • Heyyy! Geek Love is taking me a bit to get though, but I’m enjoying it. Just slowly. Haven’t gotten The Frenzy, yet, (it’s supposed to come today. It was originally supposed to come last Friday…) but you can read the first 54 pages online… which I finished reading yesterday…. I’d link you but it looks like I closed it… sorry! Let me know what you think, I’ll probably write a review up here, just keep that in mind 😉 Miss you!

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