Easiest Pumpkin Cupcakes Ever

My garden gnome thinks he made these...

So today I started out by trying to make pumpkin muffins. This failed first because I couldn’t find our cupcake pans. Then I couldn’t find any baking powder so I had to substitute. Then I was convinced we were out of eggs. Amazingly they were in a carton on their own just above eye level in the fridge. I ended up substituting with flax seeds and water. We have no nutmeg. When I mentioned it later to my mom, she replied, “Hmmm, nutmeg, that sounds familiar…”

I made the “bread” anyway, and an hour and twenty minutes later, it still hadn’t all turned solid or bread-like. So I proposed a new plan. Pumpkin cupcakes the easiest way ever. My mom insisted that we had spice cake mix (she was mistaken, though I’m not quite sure where said mix would have gone… we don’t do a lot of baking in my house). So I used white cake mix.

Seriously guys, this is the ingredient list for the cupcakes I made:
one can of pureed pumpkin
box of cake mix
spices pretty much to your liking. i used cinnimon/ginger/cloves/all spice

Direction: mix together and took according to directions on the back of the box.

Optional: smear cream cheese, or Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter (or both!) on top/ middle.

Results? Amazing.


5 thoughts on “Easiest Pumpkin Cupcakes Ever

  1. Those sound tasty. Pumpkin flavored everything is the best part of fall.

    I have two pumpkin recipes in my kitchen – pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin spice cake with butterscotch cream cheese frosting – that I rotate for Thanksgiving dessert.

    Last year, I mixed it up a little by making gingerbread trifle with pumpkin mousse, which was divine. I had wanted to make pumpkin tiramisu since I saw it on a restaurant menu, but found the trifle recipe first.

  2. The pumpkin trifle definitely came from Epicurious.com, but I think the other two were just lucky finds in a Google search.

    I saw Emeril Lagasse make a pumpkin cake with butterscotch icing on TV using a lot of pre-packaged ingredients, so I went in search of a from-scratch recipe.

    If you make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies at any time, make sure you use larger chips, not the minis. You want the chocolate to stay gooey and melty for as long as possible. I prefer dark/bittersweet chocolate, but milk will work just fine.

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