Saturday Seven 09/25/2010

Saturday Seven

Seven amazingly awesome things about your week. Or things you just want to share.

1. I found frozen veggie samosas at Trader Joes! Honestly, they aren’t the best I’ve had, but they’re pretty good and I’m always on the hunt for frozen Samosas.
2. Revamping my resume – It feels nice to have one that feels presentable. Now on to figuring out cover letters…
3. Speaking my mind and being as straightforward as possible, even if it yields undesired results.
4. Hot Apple Cider at Dunkin Donuts & everything Pumpkin Flavoured
5. First Day of FALL
6. Taking the time in the morning before I do anything else to write. I’ve only doneit twice this week but I plan on making this a daily habit.
7. Zumba class. Not totally dying through it. I love dancing.

What’s on your list?



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