Thoughts on Makeup

So Rabbit Write is participating in her own No Makeup Week this week. When I read the first post where she initially mentioned it I thought, “Hey I should do that, too.” I’m always up for a challange, and it’s more fun to experience a challange in the blog world with other bloggers. Even if they don’t know about your experiences.

This challange, however, fizzled very very quickly. In a matter of seconds after my initial thought. Not because I feel it impossible to not wear make up for a week. It’s actually quite the oppisite. Sure, I love lining my eyes in black or brown and brushing mascara against my lashes. I enjoy taking the time to powder mineral foundation over my skin, paint my lips in gloss and admire myself in the mirror on the way to work. But I don’t wear makeup every day. In fact, I don’t wear makeup often enough to even consider “going without” because, really, I am without.

In middle school I played with makeup, but I was always that girl who liked to try to look good in black lipstick or blue mascara. I wore a lot of glitter. I wasn’t making myself up to mask my imperfections. I used colours and glitter to stand out. I only wore black lipstick once or twice to school. It was actually in high school. I loved the goth look, but I could never pull it over. I could never pull off any look that wasn’t purely “myself.” That look did involve glitter. It involved wanting to wear wings to school and using bright colours to accent myself.

I enjoy the lipstick and powder, and I tend to buy countless amounts of shadows and nail polish for a person who barely uses it. I didn’t even know how to make my shadow stick for more than five minutes until a couple months ago. When I asked.

I guess I never got into the habit of making myself look “good”. I only straighten my hair when I have the time or energy in the morning. I can leave the house without mascara and that’s important to me. Because who is telling me that I don’t look good if my hair isn’t perfectly styled all of the time? Why should I even listen to myself when I have less than perfect skin all of the time? I shouldn’t. Because I’m beautiful right now with nothing more than moisturizer on. And you are, too. You shouldn’t believe it any other way.

We’ve learned to live in a world where most girls feel like they need to wear make up. Upon mentioning to my friend Kate that I was writing this post, she replied, “I hate not wearing makeup.” She said that it’s less the actual makeup that she hates not wearing, but her foundation, powder, etc. that makes her skin look even. It makes her feel more confident. Sure we can admire even skin tones, wonder how so-and-so got her skin to look so pristine, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But knowing that it’s not real, recognising that we are admiring an illusion, takes away from the effect.

How often do you wear make up? Could you go without for a week? Longer?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Makeup

  1. God, I almost never wear any makeup, and if I do, its only a little mascara and eye shadow, and I only use colors that compliment my eyes, not enhance them dramatically. I dont use foundation because you cant cover up my skin tone no matter what. Its strawberries and cream complexion and I have tons of freckles. There is no way to cover all that up evenly. I just let it work for me. Its all I’ve got!

  2. I don’t remember the last time I wore makeup, tbh. I don’t wear it during the summer because it clogs my pores, and I only wear makeup a few times a week during non summer months, if that much even. So it would be no challenge with me. 🙂

    My favorite makeup to wear is eye makeup, most definitely. I love shadow and mascara and liner, it makes me happy to wear. How do you keep your shadow from disappearing? The best solution I’ve discovered so far is to put a little foundation on my eyelids first, and shadowing over it. Do you have a better suggestion?

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