Adventures in Peppermint Tea

Experiences in Peppermint tea. You know how they always say (who is they, anyway? I guess in my experience it’s websites/ magazines/ my tea book/ my book on Natural Healing etc etc) that Peppermint tea is amazing for cramps? No? Well they do say that. The woman who owns Healthy Appetites  in Plymouth also told me this. Anyway, sometimes I’m afraid of Peppermint. Not so much afraid, but the idea of a strong mint to drink just doesn’t appeal to me.
However, while I was pretty much dying during my vacation, I had consistant cramps and pains for a week straight, I decided to pick up a box of tea and give it a try. Now, I was weary. Would it taste like I be drinking warm mouthwash? That’s sort of what I imagined. Regardless, I stuck two packets of Truvia in a cup and brewed some water. Stick teabag in cup. Wait. Stir. Sip.
The results? Hm… well first off two packets of Truvia are way too much Truvia for this cup. It tasted like peppermint syrup. But other than that, it did the trick. At least, while I was sipping it, and while I could feel the warm tea moving through me. Cramps be gone! Once I was finished swallowing? Cramps come back! But, I mean, it was nice anyway. It leaves a nice cooling feeling in your mouth. And I didn’t mind it enough to try it again this morning (with only one packet of Truvia, however). It cools really quickly,  however.
I wonder how it would taste if I put hot choocolate in it, too…
<3. Melanie.Kristy

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Peppermint Tea

  1. Yeah, I dont sweeten my peppermint tea, and it can be incredible for lots of things, like after seeing the dentist for something painful, cramps, aiding digestion…the list goes on. Try a raspberry leaf tea, though. It works much better for female issues!

  2. I’m not a fan of peppermint tea, sweetened or otherwise, but khippor is spot-on about raspberry leaf tea. It can be wonderful for that purpose.

    Ginger tea also helps with stomach issues, and sometimes cramping.

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