A Burst of Inspiration, or: Things I Love Today.

This is Chance. I love him a lot.

So normally today I’d be listing things that I love. It is Thursday after all (except that the time on WordPress is off and I can’t figure out why it already thinks it’s Friday…). But, while I am going to find a way to list loved things/ appreciated people/ foods I can’t stop eating / characters I wish were real, I plan on doing it on my own time. On whatever day I please.

Um, guys, seriously in the past three hours I feel like my entire mood has changed. I spent most of work feeling sort of panicky/ anxious and I must admit that most of my week has felt that way. I may have shed a secret tear or few at work. I even found myself heading to Marylous for some fantastic iced coffee on my lunch hour today in hopes that they caffeine would take over my brain and make me giddy (it does that, but only sometimes…). I ended up absentmindedly getting back on the highway, though,  instead of turning onto the street where Marylous’ is. So I settled (yeah, right) for a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino instead. Pumpkin is back! That makes me happy! But moving on…

The problem? Well, it’s me. It’s always me. I am my own problem. And I’ve always felt like I’m constantly dealing with myself. My mind and I battle daily, and I always tend to give in. Sure, mind, let’s forget to exist for a while. Let’s swipe that debit card, load up on new books and pizza and let’s pretend that’s my answer.

The other day I was so frustrated because I felt like I need a hobby. I have hobbies, sure. I have writing and reading and movies and TV and doing a lot of thinking about doing other things but not really doing them. They’re all too wall flower-y for me to do all of the time. I need some sort of passion. I need to be involved.

Right now I feel so inspired. I’ve found tons of new blogs to read, left lots of loving comments, eaten some Chunky Monkey, conversed through my blog and realized; hey, this is what I want to do. And I think I’ve just found the beginning of the sense of community that I’m craving right now. Blogging, my new hobby. No one is surprised, really.

I have big plans for my week next week. Big, big plans. I’m hoping that I keep up with them, because I’m excited about the possibility of change.

How was your Thursday?

<3. Melanie.Kristy


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