Plans, Lists, & Writing

Someone has been bugging me via email to update my blog, or finish the short story I’m working on. Apparently I chose to update Melanie.Kristy. It’s a lot easier to write posts while at work than it is to engage myself in a story. Fear not, I (think) am almost finished with the story I’ve been working on. It’s the first in my serious attempt to write short stories. I need to get myself into the habit of writing. And working out. And eating better and… and… and.

So the plan for today is to go to Borders or Starbucks after work and write more. Then get dinner with a few people I know from work.

 Tomorrow: writing or working out. I don’t get out until 7pm though, so I feel like writing is more likely to happen.
Friday: writing then Zumba at 430. This could change.
Saturday: I tend to work too much to really do anything. And in between shifts I relax.

I think I’m going to take this Sunday, not make any plans with anyone and write a lot and make future plans for myself. This whole planning thing is NOT my forte. Sure, I’m great at writing out lists of what I need to do, or what I’m going to do in order to get things done. But actually following plans I just can’t seem to do. There’s a huge mental block that consists of me not wanting to feel like I’m stuck with any sort of restrictions or limits on myself.

How do you feel about making plans? Do you feel like going by these plans you’re stuck?


3 thoughts on “Plans, Lists, & Writing

  1. I am terrible at following through on plans unless someone else is involved. Even if it’s as simple as telling someone else, “Tomorrow, I am going to the gym. Let’s make plans for 90 minutes after that.” It makes me more likely to follow through because I wouldn’t feel right about setting a time based on my schedule, and then doing nothing (which could be time to hang out 90 minutes earlier). Does that make sense?
    To summarize: I find it difficult to hold myself accountable for myself, so I enlist others to help.

  2. When I was in school, I swore by my calendar. A typical week for me looked something like this: And since this picture is from the beginning of the semester, that’s actually a light week!

    I liked being regimented within an inch of my life because I always had something to do. I also used to be a compulsive list-maker to the point where my moods depended on how many things I got to cross off at the end of the day. If too many things were left undone, I would get really annoyed because it looked like my day was unproductive.

    It worked at the time, but now it doesn’t. Clearly, that had to stop once it interfered with my moods, because that is just not healthy. Instead, I tend to make my plans a bit more long-term. I only use scheduling for my blog and other writing projects, and let real life sort of fill in the time around when I’m writing. I’ve given up the planner and use a regular wall calendar. Any special things I want to remember go on really bright post-it notes.

    I talked about scheduling this week as part of my series on process. Talking about it makes it much easier to see it through because it’s out there for people to see, so you end up sticking with it.

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