Wednesday Graphic #34


What would Wednesdays look like if you put them under a microscope? I imagine they’d look like a hill, one side would be kind of dark though gradually increasing in brightness until the top. I imagine the other side to be shimmery and increasingly brighter as it points its way to the weekend.

This Wednesday would be a reddish colour like the skin of a red potato. It would start off in the way that most mornings do, with the inability to sleep. It would end on the brightest note. Rich in productivity, this Wednesday would call for the beginning of new things. Short stories. It would call for realizations; hey i just bought three hazelnut Lindt Truffles and I have absolutely no desire to eat them. It would be lush with good conversation, at least I hope. It would be filled with seasoned vegetables for dinner and ideas on what to buy as a going away present (clue: journals, pens, paper, stamps, something pretty, a book of some sort — a magical one). It would appreciate the product of doing laundry; clean clothes, fresh smells and a full closest.

What would be your brightest note of today?

<3. Melanie.Kristy


3 thoughts on “Wednesdays

  1. my wednesday is like most people’s sunday. its the last day of my weekend and i like to either be really productive and end with a clean house and lots of projects completed (rare) or i like to be REALLY lazy and just enjoy the time off with elijah. i dont know what color it would be. maybe a soft blue? meh. im not feeling very poetic right now. but i do love my wednesdays.

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