Is Passion Just a Last Resort?

But it don’t even matter now cause the time has come
welcome to the world it’ll let you down
The time has come for you to live it up let it go
Show them what you’re made of
And we’ll take our chances getting it wrong
And we’ll take our chances

I.T.Z. Hanson

Sunday I wrote up lots of blog posts, and by Wednesday all of my hopes to write and type and reform (and do yoga and ride my bike) dissipated into laying in bed and watching movies. I have some sort of stomach… thing that’s ruining my vacation week severely. But on the up side, I have (finally) watched Blue Velvet and An Education.

As far as the title of this entry goes, I’ve grown bored with myself, I feel like I’ve succumbed to some sort of boring part of life and I’ve forgotten who I was. Or who I wanted to be. I’m not sure.

For a short amount of time I wanted to look into getting paid to write. I quickly realized, however, that I don’t want to be writing those articles and essays that I could get paid to do. That would just make writing boring to me, and I never want it to get that way. Then during a 1am shower (because vacation time reminds me of how much of a night owl I am) I realized I should be writing short stories and poems for publication. I should be entering contests and working on novels. So that, and this blog, are the focus from hereon out.

Let’s make magic happen.



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