Bagged Part 2; An Update

Seriously, guys? I think it was last Monday that I announced my attempt to bring bagged lunches to work. The success rate of said adventure so far is about 34%. Out of the past two weeks I’ve brought my lunch three days. Actually I think I may have only eaten it two of those three days.

What, I ask you, is my problem? Some mornings I just can’t find the energy to think about lunch, other mornings (like this morning, I admit) I forget completely. Sometimes I just can’t see past all of the condiments and cartons of milk in my refridgerator to actually put together some sort of decent meal.

Though I must admit that on the days that I did eat in the back room, book in hand while I fished through a plastic Shaws’ bag, I did feel better during the rest of the day. I may have found myself starving (slight exaggeration) by the time 5:15pm hit but at least I didn’t suffer the last few hours of work sleepy and to full.

Next week is vacation, so I’m hoping to gain some sort of regularity in the way that I eat breakfast and lunch that hopefully I can carry with me into the work week.

<3. Melanie.Kristy


3 thoughts on “Bagged Part 2; An Update

  1. One way to help out the whole process is to process you food righ after you buy it. Like when you go grocery shopping, plan out your meals, down to the day. It takes time, but once you get in the habit, its easy. Then make time when you get home from shopping to proces all the food into meal sized portions. Chop carrots into sizes that fit into baggies. Have soups frozen into meal sizes. Make a pot of rice, and bag it up and freeze it too. Then all you have to do it reach for a series of baggies in the morning on the way to work, and you are all set. Good luck!


  2. i definitely agree with kate on meal planning. making a menu makes like so much easier. and cheaper. and tastier.
    i bring lunch to work almost every day i go. but because im generally trying to eat really fast in between clients to keep my stomach from growling during their session, i eat smaller, quicker things. also, i tend to bring protein packed foods for the same reason. heres whats been working for me lately:
    hard boiled eggs (though they do stink up the break room…)
    a baggie with sliced bell peppers and pepper jack cheese
    salami and cheese or a salami sandwich
    a quick salad of spinach, grape tomatoes, mozzerella cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette
    stir fried rice with chicken (a particularly good leftover)

    i realize none of these are ground breaking but i thought id share them anyways :o)

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I love reading what people eat, even if the suggestions aren’t very ground breaking. I like the idea of eggs, but most of the time I can’t stomach them, though.

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