Blurry Edges All Over

I’ve always had trouble focusing on anything, goals were hard to achieve, books were hard to finish, forget studying I spent most of my school years on a whim hoping to pass with good grades. After graduating from college sometimes it feels like I’ve lost all sense of direction. It’s like there is nothing to focus on except for getting through day to day things. This is possibly the worst way for me to live, because it makes it so that I am unable to imagine a larger picture. I begin to only focus on the lack of people in my life, the lack of money in my bank account and the lack of success I feel as if I’m achieving. After all, how am I supposed to be successful if I cannot decide what to focus on and where to head?

This blog is going to be a reflection of that, whether I intend for it to be, or not. It’s going to be a reflection of every aspect of me, and not just the positive side that I urged for. When I begin writing for an audience, I start to think: what am I going to say, what message is there to clear? What am I all about? Sometimes it feels like blog writers need to adhere to a specific code. It feels like I should pick one thing to write about and keep it simple. But that isn’t me. And in the long run it is myself who I am writing for.

I am writing to connect. With myself. With friends. With new people. I am writing to forge new paths while I wander along my own. I am writing so that words come out, to keep the thoughts flowing as only I can. I write because I am a writer, it doesn’t matter what for or why or who I want to read my words. It doesn’t matter that this blog brings in no money, or that it’s still in the beginning stages of fine tuning and world seeing. It does not matter that there is no real, hardcore theme to my ramblings. And I like it that way, because it is who I am, and this is me. Melanie Kristy.

What’s your blog about? Who are you writing for?


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