“When I was in Mexico I started praying to Ganesha and all these good things began happening to me.” – Olga Montenegro

Last Wednesday at yoga Olga asked they hold a charm of a peculiar looking elephant for her to pick up on Saturday. I was fascinated by this charm, as I believe elephants are beautiful creatures, but I did not know any more about it than that. Friday night, while watching Eat Pray Love (review comng soon) Elizabeth was in a sort of market in one scene in India where a small Ganesha statue was presented to her. My mouth dropped open as I realized that this statue was the same beautiful elephant that Olga wanted to purchase, and it stayed open even longer as the movie explained that Ganesha is a “remover of obstacles”.

“I need one of those,” I whispered to no one in particular. And I still believe I do. I’m still fascinated and ready to search out more information on this Hindu god. I already know which place in Plymouth I plan on looking, maybe once I have another paycheck (Incantations , if anyone is wondering) I’ll pick one up. I plan on using Ganesha in some sort of spiritual practice. As a once Athiest, I’ve come a long way. But I’m so incredibly agnostic that I’m open to believing in (almost) anything.

Have you heard of Ganesha before? So you pray to any “unconventional” gods?

<3. Melanie. Kristy


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