Vegan Mondays.

Forget Meatless Monday, it’s do Vegan Monday. Too bad it lacks alliteration.
I am by no means a vegan, nor can I really consider myself a vegetarian. I’ve spent most of my life bouncing between eating meat and not, and I’ve currently settled on the grand ol’ title of Pescetarian. “Is that a real word, or did you make that up?” I was asked this yesterday at a party I was at. It is, in fact,  a real word. It means I’m a vegetarian who eats seafood.

A certain boy I’ve been talking to, when I specified that I don’t eat meat but I do eat seafood questioned why I even put those two categories together. According to him, meat and seafood are two entirely separate things. Perhaps it’s part of Portuguese culture or maybe it’s just customary to disassociate meat and seafood. They are both animals, but aren’t I disassociating them myself? I couldn’t quite explain to you why I eat seafood, I’ve eaten it all my life and though I frequently contemplate removing seafood from my diet I haven’t quite gotten to that point. At the same time, I admit to having “cheated” at this diet; I ate a Fenway Frank during my first (and only — so far) Red Sox game, I’ve had a few bites of chicken once or twice. I believe this is all part of the journey, and in no way am I set to consider myself set at this destination.

Meatless Monday was created to help raise awareness about vegetarianism. It was created to help encourage eating vegetables and to cut the costs associated with farming / raising/ butchering meat. Many celebrities participate in it and I’ve decided to as well. Instead of just meatless though, since I would only have to “give up” fish that I certainly don’t eat daily, I’ve decided to try out veganism specifically on Mondays. Veganism is a concept that I’ve considered many times,  it is something that I know I could never do long term (giving up cheese and ice cream permanently is along the lines of impossible for me) but I’m interested in finding ways to incorporating it into my life and this seems like the perfect chance. Along with my other post from today, this is something I will not be able to do today as I’ve already eaten breakfast and have arrived at work unprepared but I plan on implementing it next Monday, definitely.

What’s up with all these food posts today? I feel like I’m extra hungry today…

<3. Melanie. Kristy


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