Do you ever feel like your psyche is playing tricks on you? Like you do things in order for you to have the excuse to do something else? If that doesn’t really make sense, allow me to explain: Sometimes I feel as if I’m legitimately addicted to things that seem like silly/ impossible things to be addicted to. For example, eating out for lunch whenever I’m at work. I find myself becoming way too lazy to make a lunch to bring with me, or on the days when I do bring one, I either find something wrong with said lunch, or I don’t know, I just plain don’t feel like eating it.

This has resulted in me spending a lot of extra money on my lunches, money I could be saving for a trip to Portugal or using to pay off the amount of student debt that looms over my head. This has also resulted in me hoarding a lot of extra calories that simply aren’t necessary. These calories have been either pushing my weight limit over the edge (as if it wasn’t already high enough) or just stalling my attempts to be and feel healthy.

So. Starting tomorrow (and I say tomorrow not only because I procrastinate but also because today was one of those days that I “forgot” about lunch, to say the least, and I don’t feel like eating a freezer meal) I plan on making this into an adventure. How so? I’m not really sure, but I’m working on that. Expect updates.

A couple obstacles I need to overcome (+ possible solutions):

* Feeling like the food I bring isn’t tasty enough (only bring the best food)
* Not wanting to spend my whole break in the breakroom (bring sandwiches or something I can eat while I drive elsewhere)
* Snack time is not chip and candy time (how did I even become this unhealthy? bring fruit!)
* Boredom does not equal snack time (fill that time with writing! – and not Spider Solitaire)

Does anyone else suffer from this inability to bring your own lunch? Can’t stop eating out? Have you conquered any of these obstacles and have some suggestions? Let me know!

<3. Melanie. Kristy


7 thoughts on “Bagged.

  1. Well done. I understand completely. When I was working, I did the same thing. Now that I am out of the job market, I still find myself wanting to go out for lunch, as if I don’t have enough food at home. You set some good goals, I hope you can follow through with them.

  2. MK-I too am facing the same issue and in fact am brewing some shit coffee at home as I right this instead of buying a $4 cup on my way to work. I have no answer to your food dilema, I suck at cooking and am addicted to junk food. If I find anything out, I will let you know.

    Be Well

  3. I have gotten very very good at packing my lunch for work! I wasnt so good at it… well forever but this is what helped me.

    1. I read the ingredients in the snacks i buy. If I dont know what it is i figure it out and its usually gross. No one know what is in there food now a days.
    2. I have looked up the nutrition information for my favorite dishes from the places I used to eat. A single pancake isnt so tastey when you find out that it has 30 some grams of fat.
    3. I make it a game. I fallow weight watcher points even though i pretend i’m not on weight watchers. i see how much filling healthy things I can treat myself to for the least amount of points. and I only bring things I like never so so i could take it or leave it stuff.
    4. and most important i reward myself. I think it was so hard before because I was quiting all the things I like cold turkey. I usually give myself one thing a day home made or store bought to look forward to and it make sacrificing everything else so much easier.

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