August Aspirations

So I’ve decided that my three main priorities in life right now are the following (in alphabetical orer because I’m terrible at picking favourites): health, money, writing. These three main factors have ALWAYS been a large part of my life, but I’m terrible at managing or controlling any of these aspects. Hence my new attempt at monthly goals & to dos. I’m also terrible at following through with anything, I get frustrated, bored, lazy or I just plain forget and many many goals are lost to the once-maybe-could-have-beens of my life.
My plan is to alternate a little bit, some months to be a little heavier on one aspect than another and just to simply find ways to fit these things into my life in healthy amounts.
So here is attempt number one: August 2010
Exercise four times a week
Yoga once a week (this is not included in exercising)
Make an effort to: drink water and take all pills
Be aware of what you’re eating
(Next month: Don’t eat out, continue with exercise & yoga, Weight Watchers!)
Do not withdraw from either savings accounts
Pay everything on time
Pay off two small cards
Write 3+ times per week (not during work)
Catch up on all blog posts
Do you think these goals are too much? What could I do to change/ alter them? I will report back at the end of the month 🙂
<3. Melanie Kristy

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