Saturday Seven 07/03/10

Saturday Seven includes seven recommendations from me,  usually in the form of the things that I adore: blogs, books, movies and music. I’d love recommendations from you, too, so don’t hesitate to share the love!
Blog: Ashley Lorelle – I admit to taking the idea of using my first and middle name (for this blog) from this amazing writer. Ashley Lorelle just graduated from school in Albany and she’s writing about her new life on her own with her car. Though her posting isn’t always consistent, she’s a great friend and I look forward to reading when she does post.
Movie: The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus – I adore this movie. It’s magical and a little cryptic and dark. Though it may be a little confusing, you’ve got to accept the fact that nothing is going to make complete sense. It partially takes place inside the imagination of characters and involves betting with The Devil. The colours are fantastic, the characters are likeable and as Heath Ledger’s final movie I think  he did an excellent job. Extra bonuses: Johnny Depp & Jude Law.
Book: My Name is Memory – Ann Brashares – I’ve been a fan of Brashares’ work since the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series, but this one is on an entirely different level. I love books with a certain amount of near impossible love and super natural elements. This is a book that goes through time, as Daniel Grey, who remembers all of his past lives, tries to capture the heart of the soul he’s been in love with throughout all of his memory. It’s the first in a trilogy, however, so that’s something to remember once you’ve gotten to the end.

Album: Hanson – Shout It out – Guys, I know Hanson is so 1997. They went out with Mmmbop back when we were preteens, or whatever. But, admittingly, Hanson has been my favourite band for THIRTEEN years! Their new album is a mixture fun, dance worthy pop songs and ballads with a lot of depth. It’s not my favourite of theirs, but I do enjoy most of the songs.
Food: Vegetable Samosas – I am absolutely obsessed with this Indian appetizer. I can’t go to an Indian restaurant without ordering Samosas first, and half the time I’d be happy to leave with only have eating them. Yum.
Photograph: I took this earlier today during my break from my bike ride. I sat down for a while and tried to meditate (and took pictures on my phone) in the bogs.

Video: Flash mobs fascinate me.

<3. Melanie.Kristy


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