A bit of a character sketch/ introduction to a character I wrote to give more depth to the novel I’m attempting to work on. Thoughts?

Persephone always wanted to make things with her hands. When she was a child she took up learning to read tarot cards so she could constantly create without the hassle of cleaning up and hiding a mess beneath her mattress. As she got older she took to making up her own cards and reading them for her school mats and stuffed animals.

When she woke up the morning of her “new life” as she had deemed it, the tarot cards were all she could remember. That and that her name was Persephone. She wasn’t sure if that was her birth name, the thought never really occurred to her. There was a woman with extremely blonde hair watching her through a mirror and smiling. Persephone opened her mouth but her voice was no longer there. The woman in the mirror giggled and closed her eyes.

“You wished for a new life. This is your new life,” the woman finally told spoke.

Persephone looked around the room as she tried to find the source of the voice. There was no one in the room, the walls were bare except for a large mirror and there was no furniture. Persephone’s eyes locked on the woman in the mirror. Again she opened her mouth, but no words came out.

“You are a Prism, now, Persephone. You won’t find your voice until you are able to See. You won’t be able to See until you can collect colour and reflect it, like Prisms do. But I can’t tell you how to do that. I will be back in a few days.”

What did it mean to collect colour? Persephone waited until the reflect in the mirror was gone. She looked at her skin and flexed her toes. There was no real light in this room, and only a mirror. She walked to the mirror and tapped on the glass. Her finger didn’t meet her against the glass. She looked up and noticed she could not see herself at all. Was that part of collecting colour?

She walked turned to face the room again and noticed a stack of tarot cards in the corner. The cards didn’t look familiar, but she knew what they meant. She sat indian-style in the corner, closed her eyes and began to shuffle.
❤ Melanie.Kristy

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