Things I Love Thursday


Crafted by Gala Darling herself, tilt is a love list and a way to remember the things that are great in your life weekly. I suggest making these lists whenever you can, really. And I love reading the comments people leave on Gala’s entries. What do you love today?

* bike riding – i pulled my bike out of the basement for the first time in years the other day

* joico hair products – even in this ridiculous humidity and heat, my hair feels so nice

* being on VACATION this week. I’ve been so productive, it’s been lovely

* Lush’s Buffy bar. It makes my skin feel so nice

* Falafels – I tried them for the first time (sandwich style) on Tuesday and they were yummy!

* learning the dance to Hanson’s Thinking ‘Bout Something using a tutorial on youtube

* my new “Vegetarian Sandwiches” cookbook and finding new ideas for lunch. YUM

❤ Melanie. Kristy


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I keep seeing all of these posts/pictures about bike riding and they really make me want to go out and buy a second hand bicycle of my own. So badly.

    I have yet to try a falafel but I think I need to remedy this.

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