Summer Vacation

It’s the very beginning of my vacation week, a week I haven’t had in so long. I intentionally didn’t plan anything, though plans with friends and my mom slowly leaked in. I want this week to focus on myself, to accomplish something, and to get myself situated for the rest of summer. I want to spend as much time this week as I can in or near water and in the sun. I want to read and be alone and decipher myself. I plan on eating lots and lots of fruit, working out and taking some yoga classes. I plan on getting some colour on my pale, translucent skin, writing lots of blog entries and hopefully getting together all the little pieces of a novel I’ve started so that I can write more. I plan to reflect and spend time with my dog and make sure my car is super clean.

Things to do this week:

* try EFT

* clean out car

* work out & do yoga at least five times

* write

* cook vegetable samosas using this recipe

* meditate

❤ Melanie Kristy


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