The journey to Penny Days

I come from the generation of livejournal users, I started journalling online through opendiary ten years ago, and I’ve always been writing about myself. It was so easy for online journals to replace the need to express myself in paper ones; I now had the oppertunity to gain perspective from other readers, and grow from there.

I am the writer of the former Penny Days, located on blogspot. Penny Days wained rather quickly because I tried to focus too much on finding a focus other than myself. I realized that wouldn’t work because I was trying to write from the point of view of a person who does not yet exist.

So here I, Melanie Kristy, am writing on my journey to become the person who can make every day a Penny Day.

Penny Day: The sorts of days when you drive around with the windows down, sunglasses on and music pumped up loud. The kind of days when everything feels magical and possible, love radiates from every angle and you can radiate it right back to other people.

xo. Melanie Kristy.


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